Treatment of post-cancer in thermal medicine

Post breast cancer in the spa town of Saubusse in rheumatology and phlebology.

A finding

After months or even years of actively fighting cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy...), post-cancer (post-cancer) is always a difficult stage for patients:

  • A difficult return to normal life (fatigue, feeling of isolation, feeling of depression, abandonment, etc.)
  • A clear deterioration in the quality of life (anxiety, sleep disorder, etc.) when the heavy treatments (chemo, radiotherapy, etc.) are finished.
  • Pervasive collateral damage: many patients have gained weight due to chemotherapy on the one hand and lack of exercise on the other, others struggle to reclaim their bodies...

In parallel

Growing interest of medical authorities for alternative medicine (thermal medicine in particular) in the management of post cancer

Launch by AFREth of a national study published in 2013 :

PACThe study

PACThe = post-therapeutic support and rehabilitation program for women in complete remission from their breast cancer in a spa)

Results : Of 251 patients aged 20-75 :

  • Significant improvement on the QOL score (quality of life): morale, quality of sleep, depression...
  • Significant improvement in the resumption of physical activity
  • Significant reduction in weight and waist circumference


  • Accompany patients in their physical, social and psychological reconstruction.

  • Sustainably improve the quality of life

  • Work on key areas such as the resumption of physical activity, relaxation, the resumption of physical activity, strengthening self-esteem...

  • Fight against the side effects induced by the treatments (joint pain, low back pain, weight gain, painful breast, lymphedema with feeling of big arms, etc.) thanks to approved rheumatology and phlebology cures.


  • Reduce joint pain and lower back pain thanks to the approved rheumatology treatment

  • Treat lymphedema after lymph node dissection and heavy leg sensations thanks to the approved Phlebology treatment

  • Benefits of thermal water on the often painful operated area (painful scars, skin irritations, dryness, etc.)

  • Management of overweight and physical inactivity (dietary advice, specific physical activity workshops)

  • Psychological care (medical care, relaxation workshops, exchanges with discussion groups, etc.)


  • Like a conventional spa treatment for a period of 18 days

  • If joint pain, rheumatism or low back pain...: prescription by the doctor of a spa treatment in rheumatology.

  • If rheumatic pain and lymphedema, heavy legs...: prescription "rheumatology and phlebology spa treatment"

  • 65% coverage by health insurance - remains payable (see with your mutual insurance company)

  • The workshops are free (relaxation workshops, gentle gym workshops, physical exercises, etc.) and are given by the medical and paramedical staff.

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