Discover the thermal complex between Dax and Hossegor.

The thermal complex near Dax has been welcoming spa guests since 1922.

Our own source of Saubusse thermal water.

The nearest Landaise Spa resort to the Atlantic Ocean.

Spa medicine center for RHEUMATOLOGY and PHLEBOLOGY.

We offer spa treatments approved by health insurance.

But also mini-cures over the week in Rheumatology and Phlebology or to relieve fibromyalgia.

The spa treatment includes 18 days of treatments, given 6 days out of 7.

The thermal convention which binds the insurance organizations and the thermal establishments fixes the number of practices dispensed during the cure and the price for each of the therapeutic orientations.

Depending on the medical prescription, the packages may include physiotherapy sessions.


Medical consultations on site within the thermal baths with our doctors before and during the cure.


Dr Domercq - Spa Physician at Thermes de Saubusse

Referent doctor of the establishment and responsible for the medical follow-up of the spa guests on site.

Appointments with the doctor are made by our secretariat 15 days before your arrival.

Dr Domercq, our referring spa doctor, joined the medical team at the end of 2021. He decided to obtain his thermal medicine diploma in order to improve the structure of Saubusse, to personalize the treatments and to better adapt the different protocols.

Dr Morincomme will also be present this year on the relay structure of Dr Domercq. With the care team (Claire Ringoot and Jessie Martins Nurses DE), they wish to develop several themes and care protocols:

  • Interest of thermal medicine in post cancer
  • The treatment of fibromyalgia
  • Sleep disorders

The objective of our team is to strengthen and energize your treatment path, to pay particular attention to your pain in order to increase your well-being during AND after the treatment in rheumatology - phlebology.

To this end, the healthcare team will offer you this year various free health prevention workshops, management of low back pain, relaxation workshops, small physical exercises for the return home, etc.)

Physiotherapists will work with our doctors on specific treatments during your sessions.

A wind of dynamism is blowing on Saubusse after this long period due to the health crisis with the aim of truly personalizing your spa treatment.


Bath with running thermal water

Bath with underwater shower

Shower with strong pressure

Bath with immersion shower

Bath with Aerobath

Physiotherapy (thermal pool)

Local application of mud

Local oven


Massage with a physiotherapist


Bath with Aerobath

Bath with gas injection

Bath with running thermal water

Bath with immersion shower



Local oven

walking corridor

Massage with a physiotherapist



The Thermes de Saubusse have several types of cures depending on the treatments and orientations.

Rheumatology (1)

You will have the choice between two packages

(RH1 cure of 72 sessions or RH3 cure of 63 sessions of the RH1 package plus 9 mobilization pool sessions or physio massage)

Rheumatology (1) and Phlebology (2)

Supplement to RH1 or RH3 for 2nd orientation PHL

Phlebology (1)

You will also have the choice between two packages

(PHL1 cure of 72 sessions or PHL3 cure cure of 63 sessions of the PHL1 package plus 9 physio massage sessions)

Phlebology (1) and Rheumatology (2)

Supplement to PHL1 or PHL3 for 2nd HR orientation.

Medical consultations on site with our doctors before and during the cure.


* (1) first orientation (2) second orientation

You can download our brochure to see the treatments.

For the payment of treatment costs by Social Security in third-party payment, your support must imperatively be established for SAUBUSSE and not for an equivalent resort.

Tell your doctor when applying. Hat, jersey, plastic sandal mandatory.



Saubusse Thermal offers mini-cures at the patient's expense.

According to your needs, a Rheumatology or Phlebology orientation.

Mini cure 6 days Phlebology

375 €

Enjoy 30 treatments on your mini-cure:

Aquaroll at 28° / Carbogas bath at 28° / Walking corridor at 28°

Aerobath at 28° / Hydromassage at 28°

Mini cure 6 days Rheumatology


Enjoy 30 treatments on your mini-cure:

Illutation of pelose (thermal mud) / Aquabiking at 36°

High pressure shower under immersion at 36° / Aerobath at 36°

Hydromassage at 36°

6 consecutive mornings every day of the week except Sunday to take advantage of 30 treatments to prevent rheumatology and phlebology.

The Thermes team provides bathrobes and bath towels for the week.

Do not forget to bring a medical certificate of non-contraindication.

A mini cure adjustable to your schedule, ideal for active people.

A short and effective formula to take care of yourself and discover spa treatments.


150 avenue des Bains 

40180 Saubusse-Les-Bains

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